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About us

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Where we began

The first parade was in Cookham in 2015 and was so popular it became an annual event, only postponed due to Covid. In 2019 up to 40 boats attended with large crowds watching from the Riverbank and even pop up bars! This year's parade will be our third year in Henley on Thames!

One of our primary organisers Chris Taylor is an inventor, and used to hold the event in Cookham when he lived there, however the event has moved to Henley after relocating in 2020. He said: “I started this event in Cookham in 2015 when I thought it would be great to get a few lights on some boats and go down to the local pub."

“We had about 10 boats turn up for the first one and then it grew incrementally every year and became incredibly popular with people on both sides of the river, a pop-up bar and food stalls.”

The Event

THE Parade

The third Illuminated Parade at Henley on Sept  16th 2023, was a huge success. We had 50+ boats take part, with very imaginative lighting.


The building and houses from the Bridge to Fawley Court were brilliantly and colourfully lit, and up to 2000 spectators watched the parade from both sides of the river and on the bridge.

 A marvellous spectacle!

The organisers, Chris Taylor and Penny Palmano were thrilled with the turnout and would like to thank all those taking part who made such a huge effort and to thank those who came to watch.

As the sun sets over Henley-on-Thames on Saturday 14th September 2024, the end of summer boating season event will again be taking to the waters... This year it's back with even more gusto! Many boat owners impressed by the event said they were going to “Up their game,” for this year. We can’t wait!

A panel of judges will decide who they think deserves the beautiful trophies. There’s even a prize for the Best Lit Spectator! So start planning now.


The exclusive, historical Leander Club throws open its doors to the public for this one night of the year, so everyone can come in and see the prize-giving plus there will be bars and food trucks.


Contact Us


A Limited Liability UK Company
Company number: 13851576
Registered  Office. 54 Queen Steet, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 1AP

The Parade is organised by a privately owned UK limited company.
The Company’s only activity is to organise an ‘Illuminated Boat Parade’ at Henley on Thames.
All  costs of the first year were covered by a donation from the shareholders
No fees or dividends are being paid to the directors or shareholders.
The event is organised specifically as a fund-raising event for charity.
All nett fees for entries collected via the website and on the night and any charitable donations at the event will be donated to the two chosen charities less the mooring fees that will be passed on to Hobbs Limited as collection agents for the mooring’s owners.

The organisers would welcome any sponsorship enquiries.
The directors reserve the right to recoup some costs as the event grows in size.

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