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What time will The parade start at Fawley Meadows?

7:30pm on Saturday 16th September 2023

Where can you watch?

The towpath from Leander downstream to Phyllis Court.
New Street from the bridge to the slipway.
We don’t recommend viewing from the bridge.
Viewing is free. Charity Collectors will be on site if you would like to donate.

How do I enter a boat?

See Here >

What are the prizes?

To be announced nearer the time.

Who are the judges?

To be announced nearer the time.

When is the Prize Giving?

8:30 pm at The Leander club.

Where is the Prize Giving?

At The Leander Club.

What is happening at The  Leander CLUB?

Click here>

Is there a Slipway?

Yes, it's where the one way New Street meets the river. Trailer parking might be available on request.

Is there free mooring?

There is a small public mooring area just above the bridge, next to the 'Angel on the Bridge' Pub.

Can I spectate from a boat? 

If you have the required navigation lights you are free to watch, but we would ask that you don’t join the parade itself. Mooring fees will be charged if you stop to watch. Entrants have the mooring fees included.
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