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Event Info:

The Autumn Henley
Illuminated Boat Parade

is Saturday
16th September 2023

The Parade starts at 7:30 PM

The boats will be meeting up at Fawley Meadow just downstream from Phyllis Court.

We gope to have over 40 boats all creatively lit.

We will also be lighting all the houses from Phyllis Court to the Relais Red Lion at the bridge it should be quite a spectacle.

Free viewing for all spectators along the towpath outside Leander down to Phyllis Court and from Thameside downstream from the bridge, the best place to see it all will be on the public towpath downstream below the bridge from The Leander Club to Phyllis Court.


The Leander Club will be open to all the public from 7 PM and there will be a cash bar and food trucks with a live band after the event.

There will be free illuminating wristbands for children while stocks last. Spectators are encouraged to wear illuminated clothes or accessories. There will be a prize for the best-illuminated spectator.

There is no parking by the river. We suggest you park in the Waitrose Carpark. It’s a good idea to bring a torch as the towpath is not lit.

A talented group of judges will been announced.

They will judge the boats from Leander Club, starting at 7.30 pm.  

Prize giving will be at Leander at about 9 PM. 


The boats will parade upriver from Fawley Meadows, past Phyllis Court and a colourfully lit Boathouse Row to Henley Bridge where they will turn and pass Leander before going down river and turning again for a second circuit.


The Leander Club by the bridge is open to the public for free for the evening with food and drinks for sale from 7PM.

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