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Entry Requirements

Saturday 16th September 2023
Craft can be powered or unpowered, of any size.

We regret no paddleboards this year, as we can't get insurance for them.
Any illumination or illuminated effect is permissible, the more creative and spectacular the better.
There is a slipway at the corner of New Street.
Craft will rendezvous at Fawley Meadows from 7.00PM.
The Illumination will start at 7.30pm.
Entry fee including event mooring, (evening only)  £30 or Entry fee including overnight mooring £37.

All the balance goes to the chosen charities.

Any boat may stay overnight but will be subject to an extra charge of £7.
Please complete the online registration form below.

Registration Form

  1. The boat has or will have a current Environment Agency Licence.

  2. The boats will have all the necessary safety equipment on board.

  3. The boat will have current insurance, including public liability insurance.

  4. The boat will have the required Navigation Lights for its size and will be turned on throughout the event.

  5. The boat name will be clearly visible on each side for the judges and stewards  

  6. The entrant will be responsible for the safety of the craft and the behaviour of all on board.

  7. All non swimmers and weak swimmers must wear lifejackets.

  8. The parade will not go through Henley Bridge, To proceed through the bridge for any reason you agree to use only Navigation Lights.

  9. The event is not a formally organised event and you take part at your own volition and risk.

  10. All entrants are responsible for their own and guests' and passengers’ welfare. Rivers and boats, particularly at night, pose a potential risk.

  11. You agree to exercise care at all times.

  12. You will ensure the boats in your charge are not overcrowded.

  13. The event will only be cancelled if the river is in flood.

  14. You agree the entry fee is non-refundable but will be transferred to the next date.   

  15. You agree to follow any instructions from the Stewards or any Environment Agency requests. 

  16. There will be Stewards on boats at the event.
  17. The illumination will conform to the safety rules above.


THE trophies

Runner Up
Best Lit Spectator

Every registered entrant will get a commemorative metal plaque for their boat.

There are some lovely, elegant silver salvers as prizes, engraved with the category and the logo.

11 inch Salver                         Best In Parade  
6 inch Salver                          Best Lit Spectator
8 inch Salver                          Best Musical Theme
8 inch Salver                          Best Fancy dress on board  
8 inch Salver                          Best Unpowered
3mm off 6 inch Salvers       Runner Up

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