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Saturday 16th September 2023
From 7:20 pm
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There is free viewing along the footpath from Henley Bridge downstream towards Temple Island and from the roadside pavement in New Street. See the image below and find your way there from the map - SEE MAP.

The parade will take place whatever the weather but may be postponed if the river is in flood.
Please take any rubbish home with you or use the bins by the bridge or outside the Spice Merchant in New Street.
As we intend to illuminate many of the riverside houses and boat houses, the best place to watch will be on the Leander side of the River looking toward  the houses on the river.

We have requested there be no fast, flashing lights but we cannot guarantee that I'm afraid.

The Towpath is not lit; we strongly recommend you bring torches.

As a special concession, the Leander Club will be open to the public, not just the grounds but the bar and dining room as well.
There will also be food trucks and a bar in the grounds.

The Leander Club:  01491 575782 for reservations directly.

There is no car parking near the river. We recommend using the Henley Town car parks either side of the Town Hall. It's a short walk to the river from there.


There will be free illuminated wristbands for children, first come first served.

Wearing illumination is encouraged, It’s a celebration! There will be a prize for the best outfit. If you can’t think what outfit to create or what accessory or hat to illuminate, there are several websites selling light up clothes and accessories, Google 'Illuminated clothing'!
We look forward to seeing what you wear.

We would love to have some better photos. If you have any from this year's event, please email to

​St Johns Ambulance will be on duty on the night at the Leander Club.
There will be a prize for the best illuminated spectator.

Make sure the judges, based at Leander, have seen you and leave your phone number.
Please come to the judging area from about 9:00 PM.

The prize will be given out at about 9:45pm on the night at Leander.

Look forward to seeing you all lit up!



There will be a prize for any really good photographs or videos of the event

The winning photo will probably be used on the posters for the event in 2024

£50 first prize, runners up £10 each

Please send any submissions to



THE trophies

Runner Up
Best Lit Spectator

There are some lovely, elegant silver salvers as prizes, engraved with the category and the logo.

11 inch Salver                        Best In Parade  
6 inch Salver                          Best Lit Spectator
8 inch Salver                          Best Musical Theme
8 inch Salver                          Best Fancy dress on board  
8 inch Salver                          Best Unpowered
3mm off 6 inch Salvers       Runner Up

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