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Photos and Winners from 2023

Organisers Award

Twilight for ‘The Lionesses’

Runner Up: Paula for ‘Biggles Aeroplane’ owned by Ruth Cassidy

Best in Parade

Jeppo Kayak, owned by Peter Jepson

Runner Up: E133 Shirley Ann ‘Sailing Boat’ owned by Luke Breen

Best Fancy Dress on Board

Joint Winners Mermaids from Boka and Butterflies from Ratty

Runner Up: Flat Bottomed Girl ii

Best Music Boat

Scoopenhagen for Barbie

Runner Up: Coming Soon

Best Unpowered Boat

Sgian Dubh, owned by Ian Symons

Runner Up: Molly, owned by Geoff Probert

Best Lit Spectator

Beau and Grace

2023 Judges

Our thanks to the Judges who volunteered their time and to our commentators Mike Read and Robert Treharne-Jones.

Head Judge: Andy Trotman

Dhani Harrison

Henley Mayor (Sarah Miller)

Bethan Toop

Simon Williams


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